What is NIE?

NIE is an abbreviation for Newspaper In Education. Through NIE, The Tennessean, The Jackson Sun, The Leaf-Chronicle, and The Daily News Journal provides interactive electronic newspapers and educational programs to classrooms throughout Tennessee.

What is an electronic Newspaper?

An electronic newspaper is a replica of the printed version of a newspaper that is accessed through the internet. It includes all articles, pictures, and news sections of the printed newspaper. With the electronic version you can:
  • View all text, photos, and advertisements exactly as they are printed in the daily paper using the computer.
  • Save, print, and send articles with a click of a button.
  • Read and research the paper any time - at school or at home!
  • Access the past thirty days the newspaper.
  • Go green! Decrease the use of newsprint and use of fuel required for delivery of print and have a positive effect on the environment.
  • Access over 40 newspapers in cities across the United States! Students can compare news stories with newspapers all over the country.


Username: NIE

Password: nie2012