Library's Policy and Rules

Library Policies

The purpose of the following rules is to preserve a clean and quiet atmosphere where students and faculty may read, study, and otherwise use the library without disturbance.
  • Use a quiet voice when conversation is necessary.
  • No food or drink.
  • During lunch, students must be engaged in a quiet activity (e.g. reading, studying, a game of chess).
  • Leave library clean and neat for others. (Push in chairs, pick up trash)

Circulation Policies

  • Item limit: 5
  • Duration: Two (2) weeks – items may be renewed 3 times (unless another student has made a request) One (1) week for DVDs which may not be renewed
  • Overdue fines: .10 per book, per school day
  • A student who has an overdue book may not check out another until the book is returned and the overdue charge is cleared.
  • Magazines and newspapers are for in-library use and may not be checked out.

Library Computer Rules

  • Student ID is required to use a computer during lunch.
  • No backpacks at computers.
  • No food or drink.


  • Internet use agreement must be on file to use the Internet.
  • Use of the Internet is for educational purposes only (see code of conduct).


  • Ask permission before printing from the Internet.
  • Printing costs $.10 per page (with one exception: you may have the first 3 pages of an assignment you have typed for a class for free).